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Metaverse 2022 Q1 Reports

Last quarter, Q4 2021, sales volume of virtual real estate among the four established virtual worlds (Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space) surged, catalyzed by Facebook’s rebrand to Meta.) There are hundreds of new multiverses coming up daily. It is becoming really hard to find the true #metaverse investment and get some rich. is fixing this issue for metaverse investors to find their valuable lands. landex and is same trademark and their blockchain api pool is works together.

The virtual real estate (VRE) sector experienced accelerating growth through 2021. The breakout in the fourth quarter was led by virtual worlds The Sandbox and Decentraland, In 2022 there are some new players coming up such as #arcade and #otherside

metroverse is the new nft virtual estate trading game platform. Found that platform highly fun and seeing future on it.

Sales volume has decreased -37% across the four original virtual worlds since last quarter (Q4), it is up 104% compared to this time last year (Q1 2021).

Since its launch in October 2021, NFT Worlds comprises 31% of virtual land sales. Worldwide Webb is on a similar trajectory. After launching in November 2021, it comprises 13% of virtual land sales. The boost in land sales from these two new virtual worlds, has continued to increase overall land sales by 13% this quarter, bringing total VRE land sales to over $350M ($USD) in Q1 2022. (parcel,co)

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